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Welcome to The Phoenix Worm Store

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Notice: Some companies are selling worms described to be the same as Phoenix Worms®.
We are NOT associated with these imitators. Please scroll down this page and read more.

Dedicated To Excellence...

Welcome to The Phoenix Worm Store... where Phoenix Worms® are our business, our ONLY business. You've come to the source. This is where you can order Phoenix Worms from Dr. Craig Sheppard, University of Georgia entomologist and the developer of this unique new feeder insect. Fresh Phoenix Worms will be sent direct to you from our farm* by Priority Mail.

The larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly, Phoenix Worms have been fed to many thousands of animals by breeders and hobbyists over the past 14 years. We regularly supply Phoenix Worms to the San Diego Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo, Houston Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, the National Aquarium and many other zoos. 

Recommended by veterinarians, genuine Phoenix Worms are the only calcium-rich feeder that has naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus and can be safely fed as a staple. Delicious, nutritious, high in calcium and low in fat, find out more in the "Learn About Us" section and be sure to visit "Customer Care" for FAQs.

*Yes, we really do live on a farm but our worms
are reared on an enriched grain-based diet in an
environmentally controlled sanitary environment.
 No wild insects were gathered to produce this premium product.

We're sorry but we cannot ship outside of the US due to customs restrictions.
Canadian customers can order Phoenix Worms here: (BC)
(AL) (SK) (ON)


Only genuine Phoenix Worms® provide the excellent nutrition and balanced Ca:P ratio you can depend on. Our special grain-based diet is unique. Copycat worms fed a different diet do not provide identical nutritional values. Demand an independent lab analysis and see for yourself. Important: Genuine Phoenix Worms are packed in a medium that is proven safe for your animals. Imitation worms are packed in wood shavings or other substances which may harm your animals when ingested. Please use extreme caution for the health and safety of your animals.

Ask for genuine Phoenix Worms®
the Superior Calcium-Rich Feeder,
the brand you can trust.

Write us at anytime and thanks for visiting.


Insect Science Resource
768 Brighton Road
Tifton, Georgia 31794

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